Dr. David M. Frim

by Samantha from Roseville

            When most people imagine a hero, they think of someone like Superman or Spiderman. But when I think of a hero, I think of someone who makes the world a better place. My hero is Doctor David M. Frim. Every week he goes to work ready to save lives. David Frim is fighting to make the world Chiari free. His hope, courage, and moral direction give him the qualities of a hero and make him one of the best Neurosurgeons in the world.   

            Frim is my hero because he helped saved my brother's life. Dr. David Frim deals with Chiari and other neurological malformations. He performs over one hundred brain surgeries every year. Since Dr. Frim is one of the highest ranked neurosurgeons in the world, he has many patients and more chances to save lives. Without the help of David M. Frim, my brother, Dante, would not be here or be living with extreme conditions.

Dr. David M. Frim ( (Taken by the Chicago Medical Institute))
Dr. David M. Frim ( (Taken by the Chicago Medical Institute))

            Dr. Frim lives in Burr Ridge, Illinois. He is fifty-two years old and has a wife and two kids. David Frim has lived in Illinois for most of his life and hopes to stay there longer. Everyone who knows him, including patients, agree that Frim is a fantastic doctor and one of the kindest people they know. One of the qualities that make Dr. Frim a good doctor is his self-motivated personality.   

            David Frim has been practicing medicine for 24 years and counting. He started his practice in 1994 as an intern in Boston, Massachusetts. Frim works in the Center for Advanced Medicine, located in Chicago, Comer's Children's Hospital, located in the University of Chicago, and in the University of Chicago specialty suite. David M. Frim belongs to a group that specialized in finding a cure for neurological malformations. He has no plan of retiring any time soon.       

            David Frim is my hero for many reasons. He saved many lives including someone very special to me, my brother. Without people like him, our world will be suffering. I hope that someday, when I am older, I can be someone's hero too  Dr. Frim is courageous, hopeful, and has a strong sense of moral direction. These are my reasons for why he is my hero.

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