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Danielle Gletow

by Courtney from Cincinnati

Danielle Gletow  ( (ralphierocks))
Danielle Gletow ( (ralphierocks))

Imagine if over 200,000 children in the US had no real families of their own. Well you don't have to imagine it because it's already true. Danielle Gletow learned this and decided to do something about it. Between being inspired by her beautiful family, quitting her job, launching her website, and having to work with so many different people, Danielle went through a lot to start her organization, One Simple Wish.

Danielle and her kids ( (Julian Omidi))
Danielle and her kids ( (Julian Omidi))

Everything started when Danielle started her family and learned about the thousands of children without families of their own. Danielle is 26 years young, and has been running her organization, One Simple Wish, for eight years now. She adopted two daughters from a foster home in New Jersey, her home state. That's when she decided to start her foundation. She admires her parents because she knows that without their love and support she wouldn't have accomplished what she did.

Danielle gave up a lot to get where she is. She quit her well-paying marketing and advertising job to dedicate all her time and effort towards her goal. She's been struggling to hire employees because, since the organization is fairly small, a low salary is paid. Danielle is trying to raise awareness because people don't realize how big of a deal the foster community is.

One Simple Wish ( (Mike Davis))
One Simple Wish ( (Mike Davis))

Even though her foundation is still fairly small, her accomplishments are not. Since starting the foundation in 2008, Danielle has granted over 8,000 wishes so far. She recently launched her interactive website so that it would be easier for clients to contact her and grant wishes. She's been featured on multiple TV programs such as NBC, and is a CNN hero.

Gletow at the official One Simple Wish headquarter ( (NJ Heroes))
Gletow at the official One Simple Wish headquarter ( (NJ Heroes))

"I think everyone has the ability to give back in some way," Sara Dunning said. "Danielle creates the avenue for everybody to give something" ( Danielle is devoted, patient, and cooperative. Danielle has to work with so many different kinds of people, and go to many important meetings. She quit her job, just because she felt it was taking up too much of her time when she could be helping others. That, is why she is a true hero.

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