Doc Hendley

by Naomi from Wyandanch

Doc  Hendley ( (Harry Walker))
Doc Hendley ( (Harry Walker))

Widely known as Doc Hendley this hero's real name is Dickson Beattie Hendley. He was born March 19, 1979 in Augusta, Georgia. The son of Jeff and Libbi Hendley, he is one out of four children. But out of the four kids Libbi and Hendley had they, probably never imaged that one of them would actually make it big in life and actually make a difference in so many people's lives. Doc Hendley is a man who dreamed about something and worked on it to make it a reality. He is a hero because he saves someone's life everyday. That's his job and he enjoys doing it.

Doc Hendley had a normal childhood, just like any kid would. He went to school in NC and, eventually Ragsdale High School and went on to college at NC State University, for a Communications Degree. He then doubted himself saying "Why in the world did I study communications instead of something like engineering or environmental science?'' He soon found out that it greatly helped him. After hearing about the water crisis in 2003 where people had no clean water and were unhealthy he wanted to help. He he began to raise funds in the restaurant where he worked as a bartender. He soon realized that the communications degree helped him when making his own organization that became international.

Doc's Organization, Wine To Water, is an organization that helps make clean and healthy drinking water for people that don't have it. And because of that people think of him as kind. He actually wants to make a difference in people's lives. The fact that he thinks about others is good. The other things he's done to help people is try to enroll in the military but he didn't make it because he failed the hearing test.

Of course mostly everybody has somebody they look up to, and for Doc it is his grandfather. His grandfather was the strongest man he had seen. He never gave up on what he wanted to achieve in life. He was Doc Hendley's inspiration and now Doc Hendley manages to inspire others!

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