David Ho

by Jacob from Granite Bay

"This is a step forward in the sense that we now have a strategy to lower this pool if indeed this story is proven correct later on."
David Ho
David Ho

David Ho is a scientist who discovered a combination of treatments for patients with AIDS. He was born in Taichung, Taiwan on November 3, 1952. He overcame many struggles as a young student in America. His courage and perseverance gave me hope that I could achieve what he has achieved.

David Ho
David Ho

When he came to America, he got teased in school for not speaking proper English. It had taken him 6 months to learn how to speak English fluently. He had to speak as little Chinese as he could to practice using the English language. When he finished High School he graduated with high honors.

He must have had a strong mind when going through medical school because it took many days to get to his findings. He had to mix many drugs together to make the solution to find the cure that he wanted. "His group is pursuing the development of vaccines for HIV as well as other innovative prevention strategies." Once he had created the cocktail that was mixed with many HIV combinations, and sent it to all through America the death from Aids when down. His group is now working on a vaccine to prevent HIV transmission.

He researched and published over 400 articles on his study about treating AIDS patients. He used a lot of drugs to create a "cocktail" that was really efficient towards AIDS patients. He had studied AIDS for about four decades. He studied AIDS at Harvard-MIT College of Science and Technology. While he was still researching AIDS, he was awarded with the Man of the Year award in 1996.


In conclusion, David Ho has taught me the trait of bravery of when he moved from country to country. Next, he taught me to never give up even though you can't communicate with anyone. Also, not to give up when you start something. For example, when he was pursuing his goal to find a cure for AIDS he didn't give up and stop trying. He used almost his whole life revolving around that one subject. This is a great man and should be greatly recognized today.

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