Adam Levine

by Annie

Maroon 5 with a boy with Down Syndrome ( (Meredith Conway))
Maroon 5 with a boy with Down Syndrome ( (Meredith Conway))

Adam Levine is my hero because he puts others before himself. Adam Levine is very inspirational, he helps the community, and he does not worry about public opinion. Adam is not just a great singer, but a great role model too. He is very kind to his fans. For example, a boy with Down Syndrome loved him so much that Adam and his band thought it would be nice to spend a whole day with the boy. When the boy got to Adam's studio, he got shy and didn't want to stand up next to the band to take a picture, so the band laid down with him to take it.

Adam Levine helps the community because he is helping to raise awareness about young adult and adult ADHD. This awareness is a campaign called "Own It". It is to tell people with ADHD/ADD, not to be ashamed about their ADHD, but to own it. You don't have to come out and share with the world that you have ADHD/ADD, but you should not be embarrassed about it. He knows that most kids, even adults, who have ADHD/ADD feel like they are the only person they know with it. Adam Levine is working to prove to kids and adults that some of their friends have ADHD/ADD too, but they don't share about having it.

Adam Levine doesn't worry about public opinion because he came forward to share about his ADHD. He didn't care if his fans don't like him because he has ADHD. He believes that if you share about your ADHD/ADD with your friends, and they treat you differently because of it, they are not your friends. He also believes that if you tell your friends about your ADHD/ADD and they treat you the same as before, they are your true friends because they respect you as you. People should know you as you, and not "that kid with ADHD/ADD."

Adam Levine is inspirational because he believes that ADHD/ADD is not a disorder, but a difference. He also is inspirational because believes that ADHD/ADD doesn't disable you from learning or other things, but it just makes you work harder. Adam once said, "Remember that you are not alone. There are others going through the same thing." Adam can teach people with ADHD/ADD that they don't have to share about their ADHD/ADD, but they shouldn't be ashamed of it.

Adam helps people all around the USA who have ADHD/ADD. I chose Adam Levine as my hero because I have a personal connection with him. I have a personal connection with him because he has ADHD and I have ADD. The only difference is that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and I have attention deficit disorder. He inspired me to be able to share this with my classmates and not be ashamed of my ADD. This is why Adam Levine is my hero.

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