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Drew Pinsky

by Joey from Newark

The son of Morton Pinsky and Helene Stanton, Dr. Drew Pinsky is one of the most well known therapists. He specializes in the sex and relationship field and also has a degree in substance abuse. He has been on numerous shows such as the radio show "Love line" on 105.3 at 12am, "Sex... with Mom and Dad" and Celebrity Rehab. Dr. Drew has worked with thousands of people of almost all ages, and also famous people such as Steven, the drummer from Guns and Roses.

Dr. Drew grew up in Pasadena, California and went to Polytechnic school. Majoring in biology he went to Amherst College and graduated in 1980, then went back to USC to get his degree to become an M.D. Later he became chief resident at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena then later moved to a private practice. Later in the 1980's he met his wife Susan and had triplets, Douglas, Jordan, and Paulina. Then in 1985 he started appearing on the radio show, "Ask a Surgeon". Later the show turned into "Love Line".

He got his BA degree from Amherst's college and his MD USC. He has been a licensed Physician and surgeon in the state of California since 1985. He earned his Residency of Internal Medicine at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Certified member of the American Board of Internal medicine and the board of Addiction Medicine since 1990. Not only that he is a member of the American College of Physicians.

Dr Drew has been on many shows. His most famous is Celebrity Rehab, Love Line, Sex... with Mom and Dad. During season 3 of Celebrity Rehab, his mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage on October 27, 2009. He had to skip that season of the show. He was on Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Dawson's Creek, the movie Wild Hogs and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Dr. Drew is one of the finest and respected Sex and relationship doctors as well a Physician. He started out as just another intern at another hospital but then later achieved greatness. He has helped hundreds of people. He has even helped some of the famous people that we love to watch and that we admire. Dr. Drew Pinsky has come a long way from were he began and is on the path to achieving bigger and better things in his life.

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