Diana Spencer

by Margareta from San Diego

An ample percentage of people believe that they should strive to be like celebrities. These pretenses are false. Someone who is strong, caring, and honest deserves the title "hero". These characteristics describe Her Majesty Diana Spencer. As the princess she has fought for the beliefs of her people, lived through rough times, and created a loving and caring family. She has such an iridescence that just makes people drawn toward her. "I would like to be a queen in the hearts of the people."(Spencer) From this statement we can infer that not only Diana wanted to be exceptional for their countries monarchy, but also to be accepted and being trusted by the people. Her Majesty was a figure of inspiration not only because of her fame, but because she treasured the well being of the world and its inhabitants. Her heart was open to help so many people, charities and her hard work made a huge impact on the world.

In Diana's life time she supported so many people. One of the things she helped peopled with was women with depression. According to Webster's dictionary positivity is described as the act of thinking about the good qualities of someone or something: thinking that a good result will happen. As a child Diana had a nice life until her parents got a divorce. "Diana, quiet and reserved child, had a relatively happy home life until she was eight years old, when her parents went through a bitter divorce, and her mother ran off with the heir to their wallpaper fortune." (New York Times) She lived with her Mom who had subsequently sent her into a deep depression. As well as living with her money-driven mother, she was under a lot of stress for her coronation for the crown. Many people think of Diana as strong bold woman. But in reality, there were a lot of problems going on behind the scenes.

Her link to the crown was always considered a big responsibility on such a young woman. Gratefully she was so strong to be able to face so many problems on such a big scale. In the UK government it states that royal blood line is required through marriage. For the soon to be princess this came easier compared to most. Diana was born at Park House near Sandringham, Norfolk on July first 1961. Diana grew up in a mansion in Norfolk next to the regal households estate. Spencer befriended her neighbor Prince Charles, and they literally grew up together for the rest of their lives. Soon after university the two best-friends fell in love with one another. The duo was to be married in 1954. The pairing traveled to exotic places like Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. The couple worked also in Africa helping rid of the hunger by bringing food to the cities families. After their marriage the pairing grew when they decided to have children, William and Henry. After 13 years of traveling together and spending time with family, the couple split, divorcing in 1967.

Diana's back breaking work helped shape the world to what it is now. After her divorce she took action to help the world. She was the president of over 100 charities. Some of those charities were:

Landmines & Explosive Remnants of War: Continuing the commitment of Diana, Princess of Wales, we champion the issue of landmines. Supporting the campaign for a worldwide ban and speaking up for those whose everyday lives are blighted by landmines.

Prisoners' Families: The Fund supports young people in prisoners' families an invisible group stigmatised by society and judged guilty for a crime they did not themselves commit.

Palliative Care: Enabling people to die with dignity and with the least possible amount of pain. For this reason it has launched a £5 million initiative on Palliative Care.

Being as caring as Diana was, she was able to take care of a lot of families in need or people with health problems.

  Diana's fame brought a new meaning the word hero. Spencer  was honest and didn't ignore the problems going on in the world. She faced her problems head on. "Your patron has never been happier to see you. Whatever her uncertainties, the last few weeks may have brought, I want you to be certain of this our work together will continue unchanged, especially at Christmas. The sick, the old, the handicapped and the homeless, the lonely, the confused and the simply unloved who are needing your help more than ever."

As the modern idol of her time, she supported and believed in the capability for even the smallest people was huge. Diana's true potential was to aid people. By doing that she helped people recognize their true potential too. Diana's heart was open to so many people and charities and her long haul made a huge influence and impact on the world.

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