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Dani Wall

by Bailey from Grain Valley

Mrs. Wall
Mrs. Wall

The word hero means a person who is inspiring and tries their hardest everyday. A hero is kind, willing, brave, and strong at heart. That is why I picked Mrs. Wall to be my hero. She is the true meaning of the word hero.

She was born in the 1980's. She is still alive now, so I asked her a few questions about her job. She was in third grade when it all started. Her teacher Ms. Miller was young and very fun. She inspired Dani Wall (that’s my teacher’s real name). Then she had to go to college for five years and go to classrooms and learn from other teachers. It definitely was not easy. In student teaching she taught kindergarten and third grade so I bet she didn’t see how hard fourth grade was going to be. She said the reason she didn’t become an accountant and make more money is because happiness is more powerful than wealth is. And she will probably never do anything else for a living because she loves teaching us while we are having fun. But she doesn’t like grading papers.

Now if you haven’t figured it out yet she is my hero because she inspires me not do a job just because it makes more money, or because someone tells me to. She gives me the good education I need to get the job I need. She is the best teacher ever!

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