Daniel Sedin

by Sam from Toronto

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Bar down really says it all; the ability to shoot it right off the bar and have it go down is what children everywhere aspire to. Daniel Sedin has this ability, and he has shown it throughout the past two years by averaging over a point per game and hitting the one hundred point mark last year. Very few people in the NHL score over forty-one goals.  To be exact, only five people last year hit this mark. First of all I am going to provide a brief historical background of Daniel, what he has done to make him a hero in my vision and why he is important to me.

Daniel Sedin has a twin brother, Henrik Sedin who also plays in the NHL on the same team- the Vancouver Canucks. Henrik and Daniel got drafted 2nd and 3rd overall in the 1999 NHL entry draft. Daniel was born September 26, 1980 making him 31 years old. He was born in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, and played hockey alongside his brother since they were children. Besides being an accomplished hockey player, Daniel and his brother also had the opportunity to play professional soccer in Sweden. Daniel now plays for the Vancouver Canucks as the 1st line left wing and is the alternate captain at home games.

Daniel Sedin has many accomplishments in his hockey career that make him standout as a hero to me. Daniel has been a lead scorer in the NHL scoring 104 points, he has won a gold medal at the Olympics for hockey and he has won many other hockey and soccer awards. Daniel is not just athletic but he is also very conservative when it comes to fighting.  In the 2011 Stanley Cup finals, Brad Marchand started roughing up Daniel and he just stood there because he did not want to succumb to his level. I feel that this shows that he wants to be a leader and not be known as a "dirty player".

Daniel Sedin is my favourite player in the NHL.  He is important to me because he is a great hockey player who plays a clean game. Daniel has made a difference in my life because he has gotten me interested in hockey again.  I started to follow hockey again approximately three years ago, and Daniel became my favourite player.  He is the reason why I still follow hockey. I aspire to be like Daniel not in the hockey component because I am a terrible hockey player, but in the personality sense. Daniel has a few personality traits which separate him from most NHL players. He doesn't succumb to a dirty playing style, he has always played clean and fancy and there is nothing in his play that indicates he might be turning to a dirty playing style.

In conclusion, Daniel is not just a hero to me however he is also a hero to many people. He is well-known as a skilled hockey player and he plays the game like it should be played. Henrik is also well liked but in my opinion Daniel attracts more people. To be good at both hockey and soccer and have the possibility of a career in both is mind-boggling, because many people find most sports hard to play.

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