My Dad

by Ger'Shon from Lawndale

My hero is my dad. The reason why he’s my hero is because I wanted to be like him since day one. He’s buff, handsome, good at sports like football, basketball and maybe baseball too. He’s smart and real good at math. My dad never gives up and always supports me and my brothers in activities like sports no matter what. It is everybody’s dream person or perfect person.

A hero is a brave person that is not scared to do anything. My dad is a hero because he always comes home with some money on the table and some food for us to eat every night. My dad always has money in his pocket like 1000 every time I see him. My dad builds motorcycles and rides them. I don’t know how he just looks at like 100 screws and parts of the motorcycle and know which ones it is and where it goes. So that’s all the reasons why I consider my dad to be my hero.

My hero lives in a nice white house on a street with a large hill. He has a nice backyard with nice refreshing grass. In his house it is gigantic. It's tight because he only has a one story house but he has a downstairs bedroom .His garage is so big that you can live in it. So that’s why I call my dad’s house the hero’s palace.

Some uses that my dad has done to make him my hero is on my birthday he made a lot of my birthdays the best birthdays ever. Another reason is on Christmas he would make my wishes and presents come true.

I have a dad and a step dad and they're both my hero but the one I wrote about today is my real dad but I love them both and that's why they're both my heroes.

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