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Daisy Duke

by Sammie from Glenbrook

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
this is my daisy
this is my daisy

Daisy Duke was the best cat that you could think of. She was sweet and adorable. She was my best friend and she understood me (considering she is a cat makes that hard to believe, but she did.) She was a calico yellow kitty and she died of liver problems when she was only two years old. My family remembers her daily and still misses her.

She was my first cat as a pet and she was down right my favorite. She would sleep on your lap for hours and never budge. She would sleep right on your tummy at night and keep you warm. She even would follow you wherever you went in the house. She was a well behaved cat who loved people and never scratched or bit except when it was playtime.

There was one time where she accidentally got outside and it took two days to find her. We found her meowing her heart out in a patch of dead grass behind our shed (she HATED the feel of grass so the dead stuff was a savior for her.)

When i said she listened to me i meant that she would sit and listen and look like she cared. Something always told me she was listening and she did care because whenever i was frustrated she would sit as i talked to her and then rub against my side to make me feel better. She was a great cat and i wish she was still here today.

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