Damon K. Wayans

by Matt from New Haven

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Everyone is born with the ability to become a leader, but only those with the persistence and the will to drive them have the ability to become a hero. Heroes are not born, they are made. Heroes are leaders, role models, teachers, and inspirations to us all.

Damon Wayans has introduced a new world of comedy to the masses, showing millions how happiness can be achieved through comedy. On September 4, 1960, Michael Kyle Wayans was born into a caring family in the suburbs of New York state. His brothers, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Marlon Wayans, greatly influenced him during his childhood, as well as in his later life. Both he and his brother, Keenan, upgraded from stand-up comedy to a television series and to feature films, his first movie being "Beverly Hills Cop." Since then, he has written, produced, created, and starred in more than fifteen television programs and more than ten movies.

Sadness and depression used to rule my life. I lived in a world of darkness and fear, rarely leaving my room. I finally decided to search for a remedy. One night, while flipping through channels, I saw his show "My Wife and Kids" for the first time. That night, I laughed for the first time in what seemed like months.

Unlike many other comedians, Damon Wayans does not criticize others or use stereotypes to achieve laughs. He uses his creativity to tweak everyday problems, making them hilarious. In my favorite show, "My Wife and Kids," he plays Michael Kyle, a loving husband and father of three children. As he teaches them some of life's lessons, he uses his own type of discipline and humor. His show is not only entertaining, but also quite informative. It teaches important morals and lessons that can help you throughout your life.

Damon Wayans has guided me through times of trouble and doubt. His comedy enlightened my spirit and reintroduced joy to my life. He has taught me valuable morals, teaching me that comedy does not need to contain stereotypes or criticisms of the misfortunes of others. He has also shown me that heroes have no specific origin; they develop from all races, creeds, and backgrounds. Everyone is born with the ability to become a hero. All you need is faith and dedication.

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