Teachers Heroes

Daniel Gucinski

by Staci from Wisconsin

If you're not bleeding or breaking something, you're not trying hard enough.

Dan Gucinski is a well known figure in the Superior, Wisconsin community. He is even more well known at Superior High School in Superior, Wisconsin. Why? Because Mr. Gucinski has been the band director at the local high school for many years. Mr. Gucinski has been a great influence to many members of his band. While talking to one student, they said that Mr. Gucinski has influenced him to learn as many new instruments as he could. He has also inspired that same student to pursue a career in band instruction. Many students look up to him. Despite his craziness, he is an extremely nice person. But, that's after you look past his craziness. He is extremely serious when he needs to be, but that is not the majority of the time. Usually, he's joking with students and what not. In his class, you learn not to take most of the stuff he says seriously.

Mr. Gucinski started playing in band when he was in the 7th grade. Now, after all these years, there is not an instrument that he doesn't know how to play. Possibly with the exception of some obscure instrument made in Tijuana that we yet to know about. Mr. Gucinski's dedication to his teaching and band is phenomenal. Along with teaching both Concert Band and Spartan Band, he does the High School's Pep Band. He also does Pep Band for the University of Wisconsin - Superior. He plays with the "Big Woods Big Band" and on occasion, plays with the "North Shore Big Band". Both of which are swing bands. The one quote that he always tells his students is that, "If you're not bleeding or breaking something, you're not trying hard enough."

Even though this man is insane, he is one of my heroes. I admire Mr. Gucinski because he taught me that band can be fun, again. When I first started in band, I loved it. Then when I got into middle school, it was okay, but by the end of 7th grade, I couldn't stand it. The main reason I think I wasn't enjoying it, was because I wasn't connecting with my teachers, and I wasn't being challenged. Now, band is fun again and it is by far one of my favorite activities; and it is all thanks to this man.

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