Inul Daratista

by Eri from Surabaya

From her,
we can learn that women are as good as men.
Being a woman like Inul
isn't an embarassing thing.
Her potential can make our nation,
Indonesia, feel proud.

Many words can describe what a hero is, but what is the real meaning of a hero actually? For most, a hero is someone who has contributed something useful to society and he/she can also be a model for others. It’s very noble to be a hero. Many heroes even sacrifice themselves to maintain and defend something. Many heroes have done great things, but we each have our own hero in our heart. For me, she is Inul Daratista.

As many people know, Inul is recognized as a great Indonesian artist, who some say reminds them of American rap artist, Eminem. Why? Because she has made many differences in Indonesian music by adding some sexuality and sizzle into "dangdut".

Once, she was a village singer. She used to travel singing from one village to another. Indonesian people really like dangdut music. In fact, they consider it their national anthem.

She is the pioneer for the drill dance. It is very fresh and liked very much by the general populous. Most can enjoy the entertainment given by Inul, but there are still some people who don’t really welcome this new innovation.

Soon after, Inul had a "real job" -- she began to hold her show in the city and other bigger venues. People started to really notice her and contracted her even more. She got many offers to perform her dance in many events with some well-known actresses and actors.

Inul is a determined woman. Many people criticized her and said many bad words about her performance style. The Alliance for Anti-Pornography Society classifies Inul’s drilling into one that is pornographic and “throwing dangdut music into the mud, tearing apart the nation's social fabric and encouraging illicit sex and rape." But Inul still survives and never gives up. Despite the criticism, her career is getting better and better. A lot of people admire her spirit and her ability to keep surviving no matter what has happened and what will happen to her. That is a key reason why many people like her.

Another reason is that Inul has changed the world of dangdut music. She made it even more popular with her dancing.

After a long struggle, she has succeeded at last. She has become so popular and such a highly appreciated woman for becoming the most exciting dangdut singer and dancer in history. And it's no wonder that she is still loved by her family. Ironically, it's because of her modesty at home. She never forgets her duties and her tasks as a housewife. In her freetime, she practices how to improve her dancing. Once she was sent to the hospital because she over-excersized, making her nerves and muscles exhausted. From then on, her doting husband gently forbid her from practicing too hard.

Inul has touched our hearts in Indonesia-- she is such a gorgeous woman to us. She has shown power, strength and greatness as a female. From her, we can learn that women are as good as men. Being a woman like Inul, isn't an embarassing thing. Her potential can make our nation, Indonesia, feel proud. If I were her, I'd like to show my special dance and dangdut music throughout the world. Maybe one day, MTV will make a show about dangdut and it will be accepted all around the world.

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