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Devoted Friend

by Matvey Bachinsky from Kurgan, Russia

Matvey ()
Matvey ()

My hero is a dog. I don't know its name. It rescued a two-year-old boy left by his mother. I learned about it from the newspaper article.

It happened in one of the villages of Loktevsky district in the Altai Region of Siberia, Russia.

 In January the woman left her two-year-old son outside the house. She put him on an unheated verandah without clothes or food and went away.

A passerby discovered a freezing child. The dog was warming the baby with its body. It saved the boy's life.

The mother did not return home for four more days. The boy could die from the cold if the dog did not warm him. Its heart is kinder than the mother's one.

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