Walt Disney

by Sara and Stephani from Ada

“You’re dead if you only aim for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”
A portrait of Walt Disney (
A portrait of Walt Disney (

Walt Disney was an amazing hero. He did many things that are out of the ordinary that others couldn’t do. He was born on December 5, 1901, in the busy city of Chicago. He lived with his parents Elias and Flora Call Disney. He was one of five children, four boys and one girl.

Later Walt Disney moved to the country suburbs of Marceline, Missouri. He continued most of his childhood here and when he was at the age of seven he sold small sketches and drawings for money to nearby people. Walt dropped out of school in ninth grade and in later years he wanted to join the military to fight in World War I. He was rejected because he was only the age of sixteen. He joined The Red Cross instead, and drove an ambulance around with his cartoons covering it from front to back. He was glad to be away at times because his father would beat him but he returned and told his father he wanted to be an artist. His dad didn’t think he could do it but Walt kept trying. He moved to L.A. and had a business called Laugh O’ Grams but one day it went bankrupt. He moved back home again and that was when he decided he wanted to build a park, one that parents and kids could have fun at together. Walt then, after trying very hard, accomplished many things such as, creating a very popular mouse named Mickey and the first ever full-length animated movie.

Although his father doubted him most of the time, Walt would have his heart set on something and he would accomplish it. When he wanted to be in the military and he was too young, he joined the Red Cross. When his dad doubted him being an artist he became one, and when his business went bankrupt he decided to build a theme park but he died before it was completed. Walt Disney was an amazing man who had a HUGE impact on the world. Disney’s hard work has brought new ideas, movies, theme parks and just plain fun, to kids and adults all around the world.

Many parts of what Walt Disney did in life all started when he was just a young boy in art class at school. As he grew older, he had shown more of an interest in art and the drawing of cartoons. When his dad doubted that he could make a living off of drawing, and Walt kept trying, I think that that showed one of the most important aspects of a hero, never giving up. Other parts of Walt’s personality that were hero-like were his creativity and giving help to others. Everyone will remember Walt’s way of life and his personality forever, for what he did to help others and change the way we have fun and live.

On December 15, 1966 news flashes were rolling across millions of American televisions. The beloved Walt Disney had died from cardiac arrest/ lung cancer in Los Angeles, California. Many were sad knowing he had worked so hard for a theme park and wouldn’t ever live to see it finished. So many were inspired by his work and they decided that together they would finish the Disney theme park still using all of his ideas and sketches for millions to enjoy. The way Walt Disney lived his life, shows us a good example on how to live ours. He never gave up, and although it took a lot of hard work its reward was great. Even though Walt never got to see families enjoying his park, he knew that it would be a success. Everything Walt did in life was to help others, the theme park, joining the Red Cross, driving an ambulance with the wounded in it to the hospital. Walt Disney was and still is highly looked up to by others and myself and that is why he is my hero.

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