Doctor Who

by Jeramiah from Fresno

Hello, I''m the Doctor
The many faces of The Doctor (
The many faces of The Doctor (

Doctor Who or The Doctor as he is known as in the show is a hero for multiple reasons. He is a time traveler who goes on many adventures with his companions helping people along the way.In many cases he has to stand up to all kinds of problems,but always manages to overcome the situation. No matter how big or how dangerous the problem he will still face it no matter what. Even if it means the end of his life for the sake of others he will do it. His bravery, intelligence, and never give up even if things seem impossible - attitude are what makes him a hero. He shows that you can be as serious as possible and still have a sense of humor of things.


The series has gone on for fifty years with twelve different actors in all. He is basically a time and space traveling alien hero. His home planet Gallifrey with his race called the Time Lords were all wiped out in a time war in which he was the last survivor. With his time machine called The TARDIS which is a big blue 1950's police box that is bigger on the inside he travels through time and space. His Time Lord abilities allow him to cheat death through the process of regeneration which changes the way he looks and sounds. At times he takes time to deal with this because it changes his body entirely even though they are all one and the same person. His companions are some of what adds to him. He has had lots of companions over the years, but in the end he's had to say goodbye to each one of them sooner or later for all kinds of reasons. He may have trouble letting go, but he knows they'll meet again someday. Through all he's been through he knows he can still be happy with his friends he's made all the way.

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This is why I have chosen him as my hero. Him showing us the importance of friendship and bravery makes us feel like nothing can be impossible. The qualities that make him who he is are what makes him my hero. For doing what he does to help others makes him a hero.

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