Animals Heroes

Dog Helpers

by Lanna from California

Dog helpers are heroes because when people are blind they use them to get around. A helper dog can usually open doors and take blind people across streets. These dogs are important to me because I am an animal lover and am very proud of these dogs. Labs are the usual helper dogs because of their strong and stiff body. They are also sweet and loving dogs.

A human hero can be compared to Superman because Superman helps people and saves people's lives. Sacajawea is also compared to heroes because she helped Lewis and Clark through the forest and to where they wanted to go. Sacajawea and Superman are just two examples of heroes; there are many more miraculous people in the world.

Dogs and humans are both heroes. Even though one has fur and the other has skin, it doesn't mean that they don't have an equal amount of heroism. They also have an equal amount of responsibility and compassion. It is fair to say that they are BOTH heroes.

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