Thomas Douglas

by Jamie from Sydney River

Tommy Douglas (
Tommy Douglas (

What would you do if you had to pay for your Medicare? Well thanks to Tommy Douglas you don’t! Tommy Douglas is a hero. Tommy Douglas was caring because he cared about everyone else and not just himself. Tommy Douglas was also thoughtful because he thought about all the people who couldn’t afford Medicare and he also pursued his beliefs because he believed he could make Medicare equal for all Canadians.

Tommy Douglas is a caring man. He cared about everyone around him and his country. Tommy Douglas proved he was caring about his country by thinking about all the people who couldn’t afford Medicare. He thought about people who are paying more for their Medicare and people who are paying less for their Medicare, so he did something about it. Tommy Douglas fought to make Medicare equal for everyone.

Tommy Douglas pursued his beliefs by believing in himself. “As a child Tommy Douglas injured his leg and developed asteamyelitis. The leg would have been amputated were it not for a doctor who saw the condition as a good subject to teach his students. This rooted Douglas' belief that health care should be free to all.” Tommy Douglas was patriotic because he fought for his country to have equal Medicare. Tommy also volunteered to go over seas during World War 2, but medical examinations turned up and he had to stay in Canada. Tommy Douglas believed that he could make Medicare equal.

Tommy Douglas  (
Tommy Douglas (

Tommy Douglas is thoughtful because he didn’t just think about himself, he thought about everyone who couldn’t afford to pay for Medicare. When Tommy injured his leg instead of getting it amputated like the doctor said, he let another doctor teach the subject to his students. He thought about their futures and not just his own. Tommy Douglas showed courage because he cared about the future of Medicare.

In conclusion Tommy Douglas is a hero. He was caring, thoughtful, and pursued what he believed in. Tommy Douglas is a hero to all.

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