Dr. David Applebaum

by Meaghan from Montreal

Dr. David Applebaum
Dr. David Applebaum

He was an ordinary man -- just like you or I -- who did extraordinary things, and who had recently passed away. Dr. David Applebaum was an emergency room doctor who, even when not on service would always come straight to the hospital when a bombing took place in Jerusalem.

Around a month ago, I happened to be watching the news with my parents when I heard something so sad and so touching I felt I had to do some research and find out more. Later that night I looked on the Internet to find out who this doctor really was. To my surprise, there was so much more to him than I thought. Therefore,I decided to write about him so the whole world could see how much of a hero he was.

The night before his daughter’s wedding, he wanted to have a father-daughter talk with her. This talk happened to be in the café which had the suicide bombing attack in September. The people at the hospital were expecting Dr. Applebaum to show up as always to help out right after the attack. It was only at that moment that they realized that this attack happened to fall on him. As you might know, there have been a lot of suicide bombings in Israel. It is very sad that something like this could happen to a nation who tried so hard to establish their own country. Israel has been through many wars just for the right to have a little country they could call home.

This story caught my attention when I was watching t.v. There was something special about this man, Dr. Applebaum. He was a hero. David put other people before himself, in this case the victims. He could have easily spent that time relaxing after a hard day in the emergency room, but instead he would take the time to try and save someone’s life. In my opinion I think he is a hero because he is selfless, generous, very kind and persevering. He always gave whatever he had. He would go to the hospital and try to save lives. Most importantly, he would never give up. Dr. Applebaum knew that most people thought saving one life wouldn’t make much of a difference, but to him it did. He knew it was hard to revive people and he knew that even after he tried to help everybody from this attack, another attack would happen the very next day, or even in the next hour.

This story really affected me because from now on I will make sure to be as selfless as possible. Dr. Applebaum also made me more aware of what’s going on in the world. He did a lot of great things and I would want to do the same. Dr. David Applebaum is a true hero and should be known by everyone.

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