Health Heroes

Dr. Thomas James Graziano

by Andrea from Palmer

My hero is my dad, Thomas James Graziano. He just got out of medical school and is now an official doctor. Though he does not have his own office yet, and must work with others and follow their orders, his quick thinking has saved many lives. He has worked hard and long enough to have the authority to direct operations, and apply such quick thinking necessary to save the lives of people who need extreme care, and have no time to spare.

Thomas was born in Massachusetts in the late 1960s. He had two older brothers named Tony and Chris. Thomas was the youngest child in the family. He used to have to entertain himself with fun things such as hide-and-seek in the woods, racing through the neighbors’ yards, and biking to town for candies and treats.

My father married my mother at the Bethany Assemblies of God Church. Soon, they had a baby girl. Me. A little later, they had another baby girl and named her Julia. I had a little sister at age three. We settled down in Chicopee, MA, until my father’s work took us to Worchester, MA. Looking for a house of our own (we had an apartment in Worchester, and rented our house in Chicopee), we moved to Palmer. We have lived there for over three years.

My dad’s old Medical School (
My dad’s old Medical School (

Even as a little boy, my father wanted to become a doctor. But, of course, such things don’t happen overnight. It took many years and great perseverance to get through the trials of medical school. My father stayed up all night to memorize the symptoms of various diseases and their cures. I used to stay up with him and quiz him with flash cards. He would also practice examining my eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, and listening to my heart and lungs with his stethoscope.

The Great Hall in Mechanics Hall (
The Great Hall in Mechanics Hall (

When he finally graduated medical school, there was a huge celebration. The ceremony was held in Mechanics Hall. I don’t remember much of it, but I remember when my dad went up to the platform to receive his diploma. I was so proud. After three or four years of schooling he was finally a doctor.

So now my dad is working in hospitals doing what he does best and loves to do. Until recently, he worked as a surgeon in the ER – or the emergency room in a hospital. He wants me to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor too. Right now who knows (I’m still too squeamish for that), but even if I decide not to be a doctor, my dad is still a hero to me.

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