Dr. Seuss

by Sam from Glenbrook

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” - Dr.Seuss

My hero is Dr Seuss, because as I was growing up my parents would read his fantastic stories. Dr Seuss is an amazing writer with an extraordinary talent for writing. He was loving and reliable person for a good cheer up. Seuss was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. As a child he would write any time he could. Dr Seuss is a hero because he wrote stories that children now want to read because they are silly but teach good lessons; like the Grinch because it is quite funny but it teaches the lesson of how to be kind to others and not to steal what is not yours.

My hero is a role model. He is a hero because he has inspired children all around the world. Theodore’s books have been translated in to over twenty-five languages. Dr Seuss is and will always be a house hold name!


Dr Seuss had inspired me when I was little because my parents would read his stories, like Green Eggs and Ham and they taught me to be kind to others. They made me happy too. Dr Seuss inspires someone else too, but mainly children when they were learning how to read. Parents turned to Dr Seuss and his awesome collection of children’s books. Dr Seuss is an inspiration to children and adults. He has been a household name.


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