Health Heroes

Dr. Spaeth

by Chad from Dublin

What are the characteristics of a hero? A hero is caring to everyone they meet, a hero is helpful when needed. A person who is a hero is a person who is sad when they have to break bad news to someone, they want the best for everyone they meet. Heroes always try their hardest and do not give up when there is a hard task at hand. A hero has all of these characteristics. Dr. Spaeth has all of these traits. Dr. Spaeth is my hero.

Dr. Spaeth was my hand doctor when I broke my thumb very badly. Dr. Spaeth is a woman who cares for her patients. She always wants the best option for her patients and wants them safely to be able to get back to normal as soon as possible. She demonstrated this when I broke my thumb and went to her for help. For about six weeks, I was in her care. She made sure that I did not need anything when I came to the hospital while I was there and before I left to go home. When she was about to put me to sleep before doing surgery on my thumb she checked in on me to see if I wanted something. Dr. Spaeth cared for me and helped me through about six weeks while I had a broken thumb.

Dr. Spaeth is sad when she has to break bad news to someone. She showed this when I found out that I had to get a pin stuck into my thumb. Then she told me that I had to get not one, but two pins in my thumb. While she told me this news she seemed sad that the surgery had to be done. This is when Dr. Spaeth was sad when she had to tell her patient bad news.

A hero always does their best and does not give up at the task at hand. Dr. Spaeth does this. She did this when she had to perform surgery on my thumb. She did not give up and send me to another doctor. She helped me and did her best to get me to be better as soon as possible.

Dr. Spaeth is a great person overall. Dr. Speath has all of the characteristics of a true hero.Thank you for reading about my hero.

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