Dr. Willie
Film Festival 2006
Produced by Linda McLean and Deborah Roberts
of Little Pearls

“Willie was just an ordinary dog, but now, he is a pet therapist!”

Willie was just an ordinary dog before his bad accident. We helped him recover and he decided to give something back.

Dr. Willie is now a certified pet therapist. He loves to work with kids in a “Read to the Dog” program.

If a little three-legged handicapped dog can help others, well, maybe we all can.

There was Lassie and Rin Tin Tin and now…Dr. Willie.”

Linda McLean, Executive Director of Little Pearls, has had a strong interest in media as a consciousness-raising tool since she had a vision about its vast potential in the early 1980’s. Linda is keenly aware that a large number of people, in widely diverse life situations, do not have positive role models in their lives. Since both television and the Internet have such far-reaching impact in mainstream culture, she believes that media could be skillfully and lovingly used to plant seeds of hope and change.

Debra Roberts is the Founder and former co-Executive Director of Little Pearls. She has been involved in the arts and spirituality all her life and has lived in diverse locations in this country and England.

Linda and Debra say:

Clyde, Dr. Willie’s “leash-holder” and a real character himself, had been a long-term friend of Debra’s husband. When we found out that Dr. Willie had completed rehab and training and was already working as a certified pet therapist in both schools and the hospital, we knew that he would make a great Little Pearl. He’s a determined little dog whose excitement shows in a puffed-out chest, bouncing and vigorous tail-wagging when his pet therapy vest is brought out. Even though he is now semi-retired due to the physical demands on his injured body, he loves his work.


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Dr. Willie
Produced by
Linda McLean & Debra Roberts of Little Pearls

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