Professor Albus Dumbledore

by Salma from Alexandria

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Professor Albus Dumbledore

My hero is quite different. He is an imaginary character in a the fiction series of Harry Potter. Professor Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of "Hogwart's School for Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The books show how wise, gentle, kind, honest, understanding and forgivable an old man he is. In the wizarding world there is the good side and the bad one which is called the "dark side." My hero has always been on the good side fighting the dark Lord, "Lord Voldemort" and his followers the "Death Eaters". Well, he is a really peaceful person in mind and soul, and always uses his mind before doing anything. If you know anything about the novel of Harry Potter, then you will for sure know that as a child of only one year of age that boy Harry Potter had defeated the dark Lord and since then Dumbledore was doing his best to keep Harry safe.

As a person he has always given me the impression that he has inner peace, which is something that I always try to reach in myself. As a headmaster he seems totally different than any headmaster or headmistress I have ever met or heard of. He acts more friendly towards the students than any headmaster would act. As a professional wizard he was so talented and wise, he helped the ministry of magic in different ways. He worked so much to get the muggles and half-born wizards and witches in the school to study magic, unlike other pure-blooded wizarding families who believed that there was no place for them in the wizarding world and that they were unworthy of being wizards or witches.

From my point of view I think that the only unwise thing he had ever done was trusting people as easily as he did, because he trusted Professor Severus Snape who claimed to be on the good side while being on the bad side and was one of the "Death Eaters" -the followers of Lord Voldemort. I guess it was too late when he knew because it was just seconds before he got killed. Such a brilliant, wise person died after more than a hundred years trying to help the wizarding world and the muggles, got killed by the hands of a traitor.

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