Alberto Santos Dumont

by Bruno from Recife, Brazil

Santos Dumont <br>(<br>/cenasdoseculo/imagens/stdumo.jpg)
Santos Dumont

He was born in Cabangu Minas Gerais in July 20th 1873. In 1891 Santos Dumont´s father went with his family to Paris. Alberto was an engineer, and always tried to discover things that would fly.

1897 Alberto tried to make an airplane that would fly over the Eiffel Tower. He was a very good worker and after his invention flew over Paris, everyone called him "The Father of the Aviation," because even after he created 14 biplanes, “it was the one that flew over Paris.” He created other planes and gave the idea for some of the designs for World War 1.

He always tried to create airplanes in Minas Gerais. He thought a lot about that and when he went to Paris he tried for a long time and then a small, slow airplane was invented.

He is one of the inventors of aviation, he was very hardworking. Years before World War 1 he was sick with a really bad problem. He was losing weight, feeling bad, and that was for a long time. When World War 2 started, he was even worse.

His Plane <br> (<br>/pai_da_aviacao/homenag.jpg)
His Plane

He created a house in the city that he was born in, called “Casa Encantada”. In July 23 1932, when he was 59 years old, he went to the beach and he flew his last Kite and after he got home he committed suicide. After he died, his house was turned into a museum with pictures and memorabilia.

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