Health Heroes

Emergency Room Staff

by Sabrina from Granite Bay

"If it wasn't for them I'd be dead" John Juras
Emergency room sign (
Emergency room sign (

The emergency room staff works long hours, sometimes all night. They save lives every day, they could save your life. Becky and Madi Mulder say, "I was really appreciative and thankful for their tenderness toward my daughter and myself. Thanks for making an awful situation much more bearable."


In the emergency room, every second counts. They have to take care of the people that are at critical level before they take care of the ones who could wait. The nurses have to look for signs that show the critical level of a patient. A patient with a heart attack is going to be seen before a patient with a broken finger or toe. For these reasons a doctor in the E.R will diagnose their patient as fast as they can. For Evelyn Von Graf, "I had to wait a bit to be seen, but the E.R staff was friendly and helpful."

ER Bay (
ER Bay (

The doctors in the E.R are professionally trained specialists who are dedicated to saving the lives that come into the E.R. The nurse that takes you back will take your vital signs before anything happens. If it is needed, the doctor will call a second specialist that specializes in one specific field. They will also only order tests that are necessary to find out what is wrong with you, in order to save your life.

When leaving the emergency room the doctor will go through your diagnosis. This includes the steps that should be taken in order for the patient to make a full recovery and hopefully not end up in the E.R again. The patient may also be asked to do a few things after being diagnosed. First the doctor may ask the patient to have a follow up with their family doctor. Or they may be asked to stay in the hospital for things like extra testing, surgery recovery, or things like extended help with their injuries on the road to recovery.

If you're ever hurt don't wait go to the E.R, they are there to help. Michelle Bruno, the granddaughter of a heart attack patient, did, "I am grateful for the thorough care that she received, and for the kindness and commitment of everyone in the emergency room."

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