Eyong Atem

by Bradley from Auburn

A nurse to symbolize what my mom does (
A nurse to symbolize what my mom does (
My Hero: My Mom (Eyong Atem)
My hero is my mom because she wants to keep everyone safe even if they are not close to her. She is a smart person who knows how to handle a health problem. She knows how to keep me safe from viruses and allergens. If she can't she knows how to treat it. One quote from her is, "If you try your best you have already succeeded." She is from a rough part of Cameroon in Africa so it is surprising and happy to see such a good mood from time to time. She cares about me and others, even when they don't ask. She can recognize and figure out a health problem quickly. If you need a nurse who can understand you and understand the problem, that nurse is my mom.

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