Elli L. Friedmann

by Abby from Calgary

Stay STRONG and NEVER give up your dreams
This is Elli L Freidmann (I Made it)
This is Elli L Freidmann (I Made it)

Introduction:  I chose this book because my mom recommended this book because I love history books. Like World War 2 books, underground railroad books, etc more history books. This book is a biography book. There are 244 pages in this amazing book. The book covers the time period from Summer 1943 to Spring 1951. It was set in World War 2 and covered several years after the end of the war. The book was published in 1997 (there was no month on the book). The author was born on February 28, 1931. Her name was Elli L Friedmann but she changed her name to Livia Bitton Jackson. After the war ended her mother and brother went back to their hometown. They thought that their dad would meet them back but they soon discovered that her dad/husband was dead.

This is Elli Friedmann this is what she looks like (I made this picture at home it was hard to draw (I created this picture at my house it was VERY fun))
This is Elli Friedmann this is what she looks like (I made this picture at home it was hard to draw (I created this picture at my house it was VERY fun))

Personal facts: Her mom always influenced her when she was just a little girl she said like your get through this u can make it. She had a dream that she told nobody about. It was her dad and her were in a pantry, Elli was afraid of the pantry when she was little she always thought that there were evil spirits in the pantry but she was with her dad. In the dream her dad and her were in the pantry looking around then all the sudden her dad spots a beautiful bird with beautiful feathers but then Elli fell in her dream then her dad held on to her arm and kept on say what a beautiful bird... Elli looked at the beautiful bird then she woke up. And that was on the day when her dad died but she didn't know that when she had the dream. Elli want to be smart and had good grades in Budapest like her brother. When Budapest was invaded they knew that they were gonna be taken away.

Elli is digging a hole in a prison camp for Jews (I made (I did))
Elli is digging a hole in a prison camp for Jews (I made (I did))

Accomplishment: Elli had faced a lot of tragedy in her life. Her losing loved ones and being hated. Elli was treated in the camps very badly and she had to do things she didn't want to do. After all camps she was still in good shape. A women approached her and she thought she was sixty-six years old but she was only 14 or 13 years old. Elli overcame her challenges by her mother and her dreams influencing her to keep on going. There is second book about Elli starting over her life. Elli took advice from her mother even though she had the worst for her. Elli is a brave little girl she lived though camps and eating no food not scared to talk back to the Nazis. Elli is also kind. She wanted her mom to eat her food after her recovery. Elli is courageous, she did all of her work even though she was hurt and weak and she also wanted to live. She had a weakness, her mom. Her mom was hurt and small and did not eat enough. Elli found her brother and after she got free she saw him limping and his face was scared his eyes were not as bright as they were and she thought her dad was alive but he was dead. Elli did not get an award but she became a great author.

CONCLUSION AND REFLECTIONS: When Elli came back to Somorja a lady came up and said how old are you and Elli said how old do you think i am. The lady said sixty... sixty-six? but Elli said... I'm 14. This scene was surprising. Another scene disappointed me when they thought they would be saved from the American but it was a trick. Her family and her were on the train and fake Americans said come to the windows and stick out your bowl for soup but instead they had guns and shot. A lot of the Jews died and only 5 people survived. My questions i would ask my hero:  How did you overcome your fear?  Would you not want to be a Jew? Why didn't you like the star that you had to wear? I wouldn't want to be Elli. I would not want be mistreated, tortured, hurt, losing my love, won though starving. This book is about history. I love history books even fiction history book. I recommend this book for everyone. It has lots of interesting things about what the Jews were going though. I learned about what happened in the camps for the Jews. Well, she doesn't really relate to my life but my grandmother loves the Jews. I love this book. Why would i not want to read this book? This book is amazing. I'm so happy that i got to read this wonderful book. If I can read this book, adults will love to read this book and I'm reading the second book. Elli L Freidmann/Livia Bitton Jackson is definitely a role model. She faced her fears and faced all the dangers. I love this book and you should too.

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