Erin Gruwell

by Jessica Moran from Farmersville High School

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My hero is an American teacher known for her unique teaching method, which led to the publication of The Freedom Writers Diary. She's a very smart, nice, caring and loving teacher that made a big difference in her students. Her name is Erin Gruwell, a person who wanted to prove the impossible.

She lived in Long Beach CA. Ms. Gruwell began teaching in 1994 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA. She was able to inspire kids who wanted to be in gangs, and kids from bad homes, to want to learn and read. She proved that she could teach kids who always had bad grades.

She was born in August 15, 1969. Her parents were Stephen Douglas Gruwell (who died in 2003) and Sandra Faye Alley.

This teacher helped 150 students to believe in themselves and to get along with each other no matter if they were Mexicans, white or African Americans. All 150 Freedom Writers graduated from high school and many went to college. Erin believed that she could change how people were reacting to their frustration, she wanted to to see a big difference in LA.

Erin will always be my hero because when no one believe in her that she was going to be a good teacher, she proved them wrong. It was hard for her at first but she did it. She helped them graduate and not end up in jail. Erin is my inspiration and all those 150 students because no matter what they were going through at home they still managed to put an effort to learn and to become someone better in this world. They all have a better life now, they never gave up! We have to make improvements not excuses to succeed in life.

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