Earl Hickey

by Austin from Hancock County

My hero is Earl Hickey off of my name is earl, not the actor Jason Lee. He is my hero because he won the lottery and he almost died. The day he almost died was the day he turned his life around. He wasn't a good person growing up. He stole his dad's car and lost it in a race, then he lied about it and said he wrecked it in the lake. The day he got hit by a car was the day he turned his life around because he won the lottery and he said that karma didn't want him to have the money so he decided to undo all the bad he had done. He teaches life lessons in every episode. The lesson varies with the episode. It teaches more than one life lesson every episode but the main lesson that he teaches is that no matter how bad things seem it will always get better. It may not get better drastically but it will some.

The life lessons that get taught are good life lessons and they teach you the skills you may need in life way better then Dora or yo gabba gabba does. Earl Hickey is a good person on the inside and that teaches that don't judge a book by its cover. Earl doesn't have a lot and but what he has is important to him and he appreciates what he has and is glad he has what he has because it's better than nothing. He loves his family. They may not have treated him right or treat him right but he helps them out. No matter what, he is there for them and helps them achieve the goal that they want to achieve. He teaches that it is never too late to change your ways, no matter how old you are or what you have done, you can always change

An important life lesson is that no matter what someone looks like they are not always a bad person. It's taught by showing Earl and how he wants to help people. He may look like a bad guy but deep down inside he is a great person and wants to do good for everyone. He tries to help people that he has wronged and make things better. He believes karma is the reason bad things happen so he helps the people he has hurt.

No matter what someone has gone through or what they look like, there is good in everyone. I hope my story has made a difference in your life like Earl Hickey has in mine.

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