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Edward Jenner

by Jack from Las Vegas

"I shall endeavour still further to prosecute this inquiry, an inquiry I trust not merely speculative, but of sufficient moment to inspire the pleasing hope of its becoming essentially beneficial to mankind"
Edward Jenner ( (BBC))
Edward Jenner ( (BBC))

There are many heroes in this world. Many of whom go unsung. However not many potentially saved the world. Especially the ones who go unsung. Edward Jenner is just that guy. He is the guy that cured a disease that came closest to wiping out humanity. This, in the long run, saved billions of lives. I doubt you knew who he is.

The disease he cured is known as small pox. It killed 6% of the world. It was killing millions of people every week. The disease wasn't showing signs of slowing down. He cured the disease taking many risks along the way. He infected people with the disease (they were volunteers) If it didn't work out, he could have died- as he tried it himself- or gone to prison for murder. Not to mention the lives of a 20 year old maid and a little boy. In the end, it potentially saved the world.

He eventually found out something extraordinary. A 20 year old maid named Sarah Nelms, who was recently infected with cow pox, amazingly was unaffected by small pox. Edward was astonished. Not only was this one of the first thoughts of a vaccine. Also this could save millions of lives. He tested this theory on a little boy who bravely volunteered. After a bad sickness, the test began. Edward Jenner infected him with small pox.

It was amazing. John Phillips (the little boy) was completely unharmed by small pox. He had done it. He, at that moment saved countless lives. He also may have saved the world. Eventually the cow pox vaccine news had spread throughout the world. Antibodies will build up if a small portion of a disease is sent into a body. Meaning they are immune. This is the biggest breakthrough in medical history. By far.

Eventually, small pox was eradicated. The last case was in 1997. Scientist created more accurate portions of cow pox to mass production. However, Edward Jenner had the idea. No other scientist in the world had anything close at the time. If he never existed, it is likely that the human race would die of disease. This is because not only did he come up with the small pox vaccine. But he came up with the concept of vaccines.

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