Earvin Johnson Jr.

by David from Columbus, IN

Magic Johnson is an inspiration to me because he is HIV-positive and was still very good at basketball. He was extremely good despite his disability and was much better than most people without a disability. He was one of the best NBA players in the 1990’s.

Magic Johnson was a NBA basketball player in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He was extremely good and played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He got his nickname after he scored thirty-six points, got eighteen rebounds, and sixteen assists in a high school game. He went to the University of Michigan State and went to the Big Ten Championship two years in a row and was then drafted to the NBA.

Magic Johnson is still living today and is 48 years old. He helped tell the world how to avoid getting AIDS by telling them to always be safe in whatever they do and inspired people to follow their dreams even if they have a big obstacle in the way.

Magic Johnson has inspired me because I like basketball, and Magic was very good even though he is HIV-positive. I think that I can do very well if he can do very well with a deadly disease. He taught me to never give up and to follow my dreams.

In conclusion, you can see that Magic Johnson has taught me valuable life lessons. I think that a disease or disability should not stop anyone from following their dreams.

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