Evelyn H. Lauder

by Yvette from El Cajon

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Evelyn H. Lauder

Evelyn H. Lauder is the founder of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Besides that she is a loving mother and wife. Evelyn is 50 years old, and yet she is still active helping others. She was born in Vienna, and there she was an articulate, outspoken dynamo. She is happily married to her husband, Leonard A. Lauder. They have two sons, William and Gary, both of whom are successful involved with the family business.

Mr. and Mrs. Lauder are the owners of The Estee Lauder Company. Evelyn was persuaded to join the family business by her mother-in-law, Mrs. Estee Lauder. She thought that Evelyn would be good because she is "an astute businesswoman, skilled sportswoman, talented photographer, ardent activist, and philanthropist." Added to that, she has a teaching background. She is the leader of New York City's cultural and philanthropic life. She is a woman of many talents.

<a href=>Breast Cancer Research Foundation</a>
Breast Cancer Research Foundation

In 1989, Mrs. Lauder lead a fundraising effort that raised more than $18 million to endow the first ever breast and diagnostic center. Then in October 1992 she launched the first campaign of its kind by organizing the distribution of hundreds of thousands of pink ribbons and breast self-exam instruction cards to all Estee Lauder counters across the United States. All that eventually led to the founding of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993.

Evelyn H. Lauder is my hero because she is devoting her time to help other people. She is saving about 400,000 women with breast cancer each year. I know that she wants women to feel good about themselves even if they have breast cancer. I feel that there is hope, thanks to her, to get through having breast cancer. Evelyn has saved so many people and she will continue to do that for a while. She has inspired so many people and hopefully she will inspire you, too. I know she has inspired me.

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