Esther Pfannensteil

by Delaney from Billings

"Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever." ~Author Unknown
My mom, grandma & me during pre-school
My mom, grandma & me during pre-school

When a city is in crisis, it can depend on Wonder Woman to sweep down from the highest places and simply flood relief down upon each citizen. This is exactly what I seem to have in my life, although heroism does not appear at my doorstep in a cape and tights, but rather slacks and a festive sweater. My grandmother, Esther, is my superhero! She saves the day. With a pure heart occupied completely by faith, she is my dependability, showing generosity at every corner. With these qualities, known as nothing but admirable, she puts a warm-hearted smile on my face with a very comforting hug.

My grandma’s dependability is like a nice shoulder to cry on after some really bad news. As an average teenager, I am known most recognizably for irresponsibility. Luckily, I have a simple “magically-make-it-all-better” phone number to call in a time of need. She is always there to help me, whether it's staying with her, while my parents are out of town, or having a dance costume “personally tailored” at the last minute. While my grandmother has affected me with her dependability, she has affected the world with her generosity.

The natural instinct of most people is to put themselves first and others second; my grandma, however, must have been skipped in the giving of this trait. She is completely selfless and her generosity spreads like wildfire. She will sacrifice any moment of her time to give even one smile to a sad face. While old age usually results in retirement and relaxation, she uses this spare time and energy to volunteer at the hospital. Crocheting blankets and wheelchair bags for everyone in need, she is not your average 81-year-old! The most inspirational trait about her, however, is neither her outstanding dependability nor her naturally generous ways, but her unwavering faith, carried with her throughout life, an irrevocably imprinted laugh line.

My hero, the angel on my shoulder guiding me to the right decision, is the one I look up to and aspire to be most like in my spiritual journey. As I turn to her for the right answer, she immediately looks to the Lord. My grandmother seems to wear her faith on her shoulder, prayer as her first reaction. While church is a place that most go to simply because they should, she goes because it is the sacred place of her savior. I hope that I could show even a glimmer of this dedication to my faith as I take each step of the rest of my life.

My grandma, grandpa & me before Twirp
My grandma, grandpa & me before Twirp

So while I watch cartoons with a superhuman coming to heroically fix any situation, I know that no comic book could ever grasp the true meaning of heroism and the effect it has on a life. No matter the form, cape or sweater, I have an angel in the flesh, touching my life with every simple act; touching my life with endless reliability, generosity beyond belief, and an unmistakable devotion to faith; touching my life with everything I take for granted.

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