Edgar Allan Poe

by Mariana from Glenbrook Middle School

“Why does the heart love only what it can lose?” as quoted by Cornelia Funke.
Edgar Allan Poe (
Edgar Allan Poe (

Edgar Allan Poe is my hero because I am a big fan of poetry and have read many different poem books in my life and when I discovered Poe in 5th grade I loved his poems, especially The Raven. I chose Edgar Allan Poe as my hero because he is misunderstood and people should not be judged. Also he is a poet who used experiences from his life to influence his poems, which is why some of his poems are sad. His life was not a happy or easy one. So I was inspired to tell about his life.

My hero was inspired to write his poems from the start of his life on January 19,1809 in Boston Massachusetts. His parents died when he was very young, so Poe was sent to live with John and Frances Allan but was never formally adopted. In 1827 Poe wrote his first collection of poems anonymously called Tamerlane. In 1835 Poe married his wife Virginia who died two years later of tuberculosis. Then in 1845 Poe wrote the famous poem The Raven to much success. Poe then died of unknown causes on October 7, 1849 at age 40.

Poe made a lot of differences in his lifetime like his influence of cosmology and cryptology; he was considered part of the Romanticism literary movement. He also has influenced other poets to write what they have experienced in their life just like Poe did.

The raven from Poe's poem  (
The raven from Poe's poem (

Even though Edgar Allan Poe had a sad life he has opened the way to other poets in the fields of cosmology, cryptology, romanticism, and gothic fiction. A quote that I think describes Poe and his works are, “Why does the heart love only what it can lose?” as quoted by Cornelia Funke. Poe will always be remembered as an inspirational poet.


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