Edgar Allan Poe

by Olivia from Riley

Drawing of Edgar Allan Poe (https://pakstrax.deviantart.com/art/Edgar-Allan-Poe-and-the-Raven-335670892)
Drawing of Edgar Allan Poe (https://pakstrax.deviantart.com/art/Edgar-Allan-Poe-and-the-Raven-335670892)

Many people that have a tough childhood are often quick to feel sorry for themselves. It is okay at times to have a short moment of sadness as long as you aren't wallowing in self-pity. It's important to take your pain or sadness or even your anger and turn it into something good. That's exactly what Edgar Allan Poe did. He took his feelings and turned it into something beautiful, poetry. Edgar proved that even if you had a rough childhood, you can still move forward. Many of Poe's poems and stories are about loss and pain. It may have been an after effect from his father abandoning his family when Poe was very young. Edgar didn't get the opportunity to spend very much time with his parents. They were both actors. One day his father decided he'd had enough and left. Edgar never saw his father again. Not long after, his mother died. Edgar was adopted by the Allan family. Poe showed promising results in writing classes at a young age. But his adoptive father didn't approve of Poe's wishes to be a famous writer.

He was born on January 19th 1809 in Boston. He was the second child of David and Elizabeth Poe. Both of his parents were actors. Edgar spent most of his productive years as a struggling journalist. In 1826 Poe attended the University of Virginia. He left after a few months to join the army. This was one of the few things that Poe's foster-father was proud of. Poe was discharged later for not following regulations. Edgar didn't get along with his adoptive father because he thought writing was a waste of his time. After Poe's adoptive mother passed on, his adoptive father left an estate to his new wife and two children. Poe was left nothing. Poe lost both of his mothers to tuberculosis. Edgar later married a woman named Virginia. She was his cousin but at the time this was normal. Tuberculosis struck again and took away another important woman in his life, this time it was his wife Virginia. Even after the loss of his wife, Poe continued writing. Edgar never let his pain stop him. He turned his sadness into poetry and many short stories.

Edgar Allan Poe (https://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/130)
Edgar Allan Poe (https://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/130)

Edgar's stature is based on his short stories, poems, and critical theories. Poe was the principal forerunner of the "art for art's sake" movement. He focused his criticism on the specifics of style that made stories and poems successful. He showed an amazing command of language in his work. His poetry and stories influenced the French Symbolists. This made him more famous and important when it comes to literary history. . Many people are often scared off by how dark and gory Edgar's poetry can be. But not all of his poems are about death. Some of them are about love. He was a breathtaking person because of his writing. There is a beauty to his style. He is a hero because he never gave up and shares his view of the world with others. Edgar Allan Poe was a poet in every way possible. He saw the world in a way many didn't and still don't. Poe once said that the death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetic topic in the world. With a mind like that it's no wonder why his stories and poems are so popular.

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My loved ones were taken away
I will take this pain and move on
My pain shall become beautiful poems
I hope to make all those angels smile