Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

by Emilie from Consul

"None can make you feel inferior without your permission"
Eleanor as a young child (
Eleanor as a young child (

A hero by definition is a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is seen as a role model or an ideal person. A hero is someone who has done something to help others and make them realize the power that one has within. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the United States; the hostess of the White House. Roosevelt regarded the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This soon became her greatest accomplishment. Roosevelt was known as a philanthropist. A philanthropist is a person who has a great concern for human welfare and works to aid others through charity. Although Roosevelt did contribute much of her time to the Red Cross and other such associations, she preferred to stay out of the public eye and keep to herself. Along with Roosevelt's kind personality a kind heart and a soft spot comes along.

                Eleanor Roosevelt, born: October 11th, 1884 as Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, in Manhattan, New York. Had three siblings, Elliot Jr., Hall Roosevelt, and half brother Elliot Roosevelt Mann; her parents were Elliot Roosevelt and Anna Rebecca Hall, both parents being high in wealth and coming from prestigious families. During Eleanor's childhood her mother often ragged on her for having such plain looks. At the age of eight Eleanor's mother died from diphtheria, and she was sent to live with her maternal grandmother, while her father spent his days being institutionalized for being a serious alcoholic. Eleanor and her father often kept in touch but later in 1894 he attempted suicide but lived and later on died from a seizure. Eleanor was educated by private tutors and was taken under the wing of headmistress Marie Souvestre who encouraged her to express her own opinions and character. Although Roosevelt was already the First Lady to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and gained the international respect of many people, she had many accomplishments and because of this many people like me, looked up to her. Being the First Lady, being a part of the Red Cross and taking part in the women's suffrage movement are just a few of  Roosevelt's accomplishments that I find the most important and moving. Not only did Roosevelt do all these things but at the same time she was a kind hearted woman who had heart and sympathy for the poor and affected. Roosevelt also believed that equality within society is a very important thing. Eleanor Roosevelt, to me, was and is still one of the most influential people to have ever lived.

Eleanor Roosevelt was born and died in New York n 1905. In 1905 she married her cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and they continued to live in New York. And during her and her husband's time they lived in Hyde Park, New York. Eleanor spent most of her time in New York but often traveled around and did many things for the poor and unhealthy. Although she did travel from time to time, she did spent most of her time supporting her husband's political decisions and helping him through the tough times when he was sick. Even though she was helping her husband and many other people she still had enough time for herself and to make many very important ones of her own.


Eleanor Roosevelt is important to me because since I was a kid my mom always said that; "None can make you feel inferior without your permission". This quote was one of Roosevelt's famous quotes. And to this day I still live by this quote. Whenever someone does something that makes me angry I just remember that I am not going to let them get the best of me. Another reason why she is important to me is because she was a part of the suffrage movement, and without the women that were like her, women and girls today would not have equality in society. So I respect and thank her for making such an effort for equality. She has also inspired me to help the poor and affected and to think of them first. I think that Eleanor Roosevelt has made a tremendous difference in my life not only by being an amazing and influential person but by being someone who does not always have to have the attention of the public and she stands up for what she thinks is right. Because of her influence, every day I remind myself that there are more important things to worry about then how people see you rather then how they know you.

Eleanor Roosevelt was not only a good wife, but she was a kind and caring person who had more important things to be worrying about then herself all the time. She had many accomplishments many of them that most of us can say that we have never. Eleanor loved to travel and help people and although she did travel lots she still seemed to be there for the people who needed her most, like her husband. Roosevelt inspired many people through out the years. She joined the Red Cross, was a part of the Women's Suffrage Movement, had a heart for the poor and unable and she had a good sight on most political issues. Being the first woman Roosevelt was almost always seen so besides all the presidential activities she tried to keep everything else that she did to herself and stay out of the public eye. To me Eleanor Roosevelt IS and continues to be a hero. Not only in my life but many other individuals who look up to her.

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