Elissa Steamer

by Sara

Elissa Steamer with her skateboard ( (Por Aslan))
Elissa Steamer with her skateboard ( (Por Aslan))

My hero is Elissa Steamer. She was the very first female National Skateboard Champion in Saint Monica and the first woman in history to obtain professional status in skateboarding. When she was younger she used to be the only girl skateboarding with her friends, but she didn't really care. While growing up Elissa didn't have it easy for herself. She used drugs, went to too many parties, and she lived on the road. After awhile she thought it was time to quit and do something with her life. So she got back on track and started skateboarding more. She got her first sponsor a while later, it was a company called Toy Machine. After she was featured in her first video of Toy Machine, people wanted to know who she was and other companies wanted to sponsor her. I consider Elissa Steamer my hero because she was a believer, courageous, and persistent.

Elissa Steamer was a believer in many different ways. She believed that no matter who you were, skateboarding was accepting to everyone. She thought that all you had to do was skateboard and everything would be alright. Those were the thoughts that got her where she is today. Another reason is that she believed in herself. She thought that no matter what people said or did, she would keep on trying. Believing in yourself can lead to many things, and it did for Elissa.

In addition to believing, Elissa was also courageous. While growing up she didn't have any other professional female skateboarders to look up to or to get inspiration from. She had to be her own inspiration and that is very admirable to me. One of the most courageous things that she did was opening a door to professional female skateboarders. If it wasn't for her there would be no Lacey Baker, Alana Smith, and Lizzie Armanto. She showed people that it was possible for girls to skateboard. She was courageous for not being afraid of what was going to come next.

Finally, Elissa was persistent, and that was one of the greatest things that she is. She would fall and get right back, and she fell a lot. She had a bumpy start but she never gave up. While trying to pursue her dream others would say unkind words to her, but that never stopped her from fulfilling her dream. Pursuing her dream was not any easy one, there was falling, breaking bones, people to put her down, and a few other things, but she never gave up. She is a role model to me and other people too. Never giving up might have not been an easy thing to do at her time, you might say she was a little stubborn, but she was just being herself and persistent.

As I have shown, Elissa Steamer was many things in different ways and more. She may have had a bumpy start, but that could have also been the reason why she is the courageous and persistent believer she is today. She was motivated to do something good for herself, and for other girls like her. Overall if it wasn't for her goal driven personality she probably would not have accomplished what she was without it. Elissa Steamer is my hero and will always be my hero.

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