Elizabeth Taylor

by Halee from San Diego

Elizabeth Taylor ( ())
Elizabeth Taylor ( ())

"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret to success," (Swami Sivananda). This is exactly what Elizabeth Taylor exceeded in. she put her heart, mind, and soul into her legendary classic movies as well as being the co-founder for the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Everything Taylor fought for she believed in a great amount. she truly was selfless, humble, and a huge inspiration to many people.

Elizabeth Taylor was not only an extraordinary actress, but she was also a very selfless individual who did a lot for others. Elizabeth Taylor is a name not uncommonly known, but what is she known for? Is it the classic movies, is it her acclaimed looks, or is it the hard work she put in as a co-founder of American Foundation for Aids Research to discontinue the spread of AIDS and the number of deaths caused by it? "Everything about Elizabeth Taylor was larger than life. From her legendary beauty and dazzling jewels to her celebrated marriages, award-winning film roles, and work on behalf of important charities, Taylor held international attention for more than half a century. New York Times correspondent Stephen Harvey called Taylor "the ultimate celebrity," a superstar whose tumultuous private life overshadows an "exceptionally intriguing career on screen,"(Jane Fonda). This quote really shows the glamorous part of Taylor's life, with the extravagant jewelry, and the awards she received for her movies, but many people do not know the part of her essence where she aided people due to her selflessness. Taylor will of course always be remembered as a legendary actress with her classics, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Giant, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, etc. But she will also be remembered for her continuous charity work being the co-founder of the American Foundation for Aids Research, and vowed to fight to terminate AIDS incessantly for her entire life due to a close friend, Rock Hudson previously dying from the disease.

Unfortunately usually when people think about Elizabeth Taylor it's because she was exceptionally gorgeous, but that's not the only thing she should be commemorated for , she perceived herself as selfless due to her extraordinary accomplishments. "Taylor actually capitalized on her notoriety to become co-founder and spokesperson for the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Starting in 1985 she brought millions and millions of private dollars into the scientific fight against the deadly virus,"(Vince Lambardo). She fought extensively and impenetrably for support of AIDS patients. When Taylor was fighting for individuals with this particular disease, it was not common to see people support it. People didn't even want to believe it was a real thing because of how frightening the consequences were. Even though some people didn't even want to consider AIDS was a real dilemma that needed to be dealt with, Taylor still strove to help those who needed sustenance while struggling with AIDS.

Previously stated, Elizabeth Taylor was a selfless, humble, and inspirational woman. Whatever Taylor put her mind to she went beyond expectations. From her world famous movies to being the co-founder of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, she had many accomplishments that really showed what made her such an amazing person. She knew what she wanted and she fought for it continuously until her death on March 23, 2011.

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