Evans Wadongo

by Connor from New Jersey

Evans explaining his LED solar-powered lantern (
Evans explaining his LED solar-powered lantern (

Evans Wadongo, the simple Kenyan who faced the world with one goal: to improve the life of the common poor Kenyan family. Wadongo is a spreading sensation around Kenya, a living legend. On sight of the rumored saint, children will sing and rejoice. Who would've thought that the simple cause of light can improve life so drastically.

The families in Kenya are effected by the bad economy. They don't have electricity or heat, they only have firewood and kerosene. If the families can get rid of these expenses they can buy more food. Evans' solution to this very problem was his invention of the LED solar-powered lantern.

Wadongo's inspiration was his light-deficient childhood. Youngest of four children, Evans grew up in a household stressing the importance of education. From over exposure to smoke emitted from kerosene burning, Evans developed an eyesight problem. It was hard for him to see and with limited hours of sunlight Wadongo couldn't study or finish his homework; his exam scores reflected this.

In 2004 Evans was fiddling with a set of LED Christmas lights when it hit him. The light efficient source could be used to light rural homes. "I knew it would have to be sourced by the sun to be useful to people in rural areas," said Wandango. The only problem he faced was a solar panel small enough for individual homes. As if by magic, he later stumbled upon a piece of solar panel broken off and discarded. Then his project: Use Solar, Save Lives was created. To this day, Evans Wadango is traveling all around Kenya bringing light to families in need. The best part is, his service is free.

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I have been asked to commemorate a hero that has significant value in our eyes. I selected Wadongo; he devoted his life for the welfare and benefits of others. Unselfishness, the most important trait a hero must posses and what Evans demonstrates perfectly.