Edgar Allan Poe

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          The hero I chose for this project is Edgar Allan Poe. The reason why I picked him is because he is a very famous poet and a family member, also he is the first poet to see the dark side of the world. What made me inspired by him is that his poems are dark and scary. My favorite poem is The Raven because it tells about a man who is suffering from the death of his wife Lenore. When Poe was two years old his mother, Elizabeth Poe died from tuberculosis after his father, David Poe left the family on their own. That was in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born on January 21,1809. After Poe's mother died his foster parents took care of him in Richmond, Virginia. When Poe was seventeen years old he went to the University of Virginia. After he finished the university his foster father, John Allan sent Poe to the military, but he failed to succeed at his military training. Another reason why Edgar Allan Poe inspired me is that he has a certain way to get people frightened from his stories and poems and ever since I have heard about him I've been reading his poems and thrilling stories. I also have remembered some parts of his poems and stories that I really liked.  For example from Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven there is a part when the crazed man tells the raven to leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul has spoken. Someday I will also like to write poems and stories about my life experience and put emotion into it like Edgar Allan Poe.

          When Edgar Allan Poe was living with his foster parents his foster mother died also from tuberculosis when he was 20 years old. After his foster mother died he decided to live in the Clemm house with his aunt, Maria Clemm and his cousin, Virginia Clemm and when he left the Clemm house he realized that he was in love with his aunt's daughter Virginia. That is when he decided to marry his cousin on September 22, 1835. He was 26 years old and his wife was 13 years old. When he married Virginia he had never felt happy in his entire life. He even wrote a poem about her called Annabel Lee. Here is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe's Poem Annabel Lee,"It was many and many a year ago, In the kingdom by the sea, By the name of Annabel Lee;." When the years went by Edgar Allan Poe was listening to his wife in the theater singing until something happened to her. She started coughing up blood and that is when Edgar Allan Poe realized the she had tuberculosis like his mother and foster mother. During the time his wife was sick he hoped that she wouldn't die like his mother and foster mother. He tried the best he could to take care of her but it wasn't enough. Edgar Allan Poe's wife died. That is when Edgar Allan Poe started writing the Poem The Raven. That was in January 29,1845

          After Edgar Allan Poe finished his poem the Raven people started reading his poem. The people were all scared and frightened that a raven might come flying through their window and sit on their chamber door. The Raven became the most popular poem he had ever written and that is what he is known for. He also wrote another poem about Virginia which is called Lenore. Edgar Allan Poe never felt so depressed as he did with the deaths of his mother and foster mother. That was in Richmond, Virginia when he lived with his wife.  After his wife died, Edgar Allan Poe still could not shake the feeling of his wife. He became more insane than he was before, which led to a sad and tragic life.

           Four years later on October 3,1849 Edgar Allan Poe was found lying in the streets of Baltimore. He was distressed and needed medical assistance. The man who found Edgar was a man named Joseph W. Walker. When Joseph found Edgar he took him to the Washington College Hospital. On October 7,1849 Edgar died. His death remains a mystery, but there was evidence that Edgar Allan Poe died from rabies. After his death he was buried in Baltimore, Maryland.

          Edgar Allan Poe was a famous imaginative author who saw the dark side of the world. He had a very hard life as a kid and as an adult. All his life he had seen death from the ones he loved. He wrote many famous stories and poems like The Pit and Pendulum, Tell-Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher, Annabel Lee, Lenore and The Raven. Edgar Allan Poe is a man who inspires people like me with his work. He may have been crazy but I see a man who did something to show people that there is sometimes no happiness in the world.   

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