Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride

by Jorge from Sheridan Tech

In the world there are millions of women who have made a difference for themselves and other women. What is remarkable about these woman is that they don't give up and they fight for what they believe in. Throughout history one woman who impacted women's rights was Amelia Earhart. Another woman who made an influential impact on women's rights was Sally Ride.

To start off, throughout history there have many important woman, but there has been no more important than Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24 1887 in Atchison Kansas. As she was growing up she was always very proud and humble, and she liked trying new things. When she was older some interesting things she did was that she was a nurse during World War 1, and after the war she became a social worker. Even though these are all great things that she has contributed to, the most important thing she is known for, is that she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. By doing this Amelia opened up many doors in the piloting industry for other woman. Amelia Earhart also contributed in helping end male dominance and fighting for woman rights. One way in which she benefited the United States and other countries was that she encouraged commercial aviation.

In addition, besides Amelia Earhart, another woman that was really influential to women's history was Sally Ride. Sally Ride was born on May 26, 1961 in California. Sally loved reading science books as she was young, after graduating from high school, she went to Stanford University. No doubt the most important thing Sally did was that she was the first American woman to fly into space. On June 1983 she flew into space on her first mission. While in space she used the robotic to help position satellites into space. This was really important because it helped scientists advance their technologies and learn new things.

To wrap up, these are two magnificent women and hard to choose one over the other because they have both made important contributions to the world especially the United States. One thing that they have in common that they both contributed to is that they both fought for women's rights. I think this is important because if it wasn't for them I couldn't imagine how women's rights would be today. This is something that I would do because I believe in equal rights for everyone, women and men.

Finally, around the world many of the main problems inclued equal rights among men and woman, although they are not as bad as before. The reason why they are not as bad is because of wonderful women like Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride. Both of these women are important because they helped fight for women's rights and contributed to aviation and technologies around the world.

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