Earvin Johnson

by Darien from Altoona

I am Darien Lawson and I would like to introduce you to my hero Earvin Johnson, known as Magic Johnson. If you don’t already know it, he is a basketball legend.

Earvin saying cheese to the camera
Earvin saying cheese to the camera

Earvin Johnson owns a Krispy Kreme dougnut shop in Pittsburgh.He has hiv/aids that he has been fighting for a very long time and when he played basketball his jersey number was 32. He played for the LA Lakers. He didn’t join basketball when Shaq did. He joined before. The reason he is my Hero is because he is always there for a person who needs help.

He has a wife and and I don’t know how many kids but he has some. He also is really good friends with Micheal Jordan. Probably every basketball player that is famous he probably knows pretty well. Earvin helps plenty of different hospitals, not job wise, helping hand wise.

So know you know who my hero is. Do you have a hero if not get one because they are nice to have!

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