Thomas Alva Edison

by Matt from Omaha

Thomas Edison (
Thomas Edison (

Thomas Edison is a hero that has affected my life greatly. Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 to middle-class parents in Milan, Ohio. In 1854 he moved to Port Huron, Michigan. He did not learn to talk until he was 4.

Thomas Edison was a great man, scientist, and an inventor. He patented 1,093 inventions. That earned him the nickname “The Wizard of Menlo Park.” He is one of the best inventors.

He invented many things including the incandescent light bulb, phonograph, and kinetoscope. He also improved many inventions including the telegraph and stock ticker. He would sometimes work twenty hours a day because he believed in hard work.

He is my hero because of all the important things he made and did. They have affected me greatly. For instance the incandescent light bulb has made my life so much easier. I don’t have to carry a candle around whereever I go because of him. Thank you Thomas Edison!

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