Thomas A. Edison

by Kyle from Sulphur

My hero is Thomas A. Edison. You might know him by that name or as the creator of the light bulb. Either way, you would still be correct. He's my hero because he invented so much and because he was so intelligent for the time period during which he lived. Even if he lived in modern day, he would probably still be the greatest inventor of all time.

Light Bulb Diagram (Google)
Light Bulb Diagram (Google)

Thomas was a wonderful scientest/inventor. In fact, he is one of the most famous. His greatest invention in modern day time and back when he was alive is, and was, the light bulb. Without it, we would have nothing that uses light. Some examples of some of the things we wouldn't have are as follows: computers, televisions, house lights, and car head lights. If you're like me, it would be hard to live without items like that. This is why Thomas is a hero-- maybe not to all, but to most.

Phonograph (Google)
Phonograph (Google)

Another one of Edison's inventions is the phonograph. It is for people like my sister who can't live without the music. This invention is almost like a tape player/recorder, but instead of a tape it uses tin with bumps, ridges, and needles to make the sound. To record, you would have to put in a smooth tin roll and the sound you made would indent it and record. The first song ever played on this invention is one of the first songs you ever learned---"Mary Had A Little Lamb!"

Electric Pen Diagram (Google)
Electric Pen Diagram (Google)

One invention that I don't like is the electric pen or the tattoo gun. You might not think so, but Edison invented it. The way it works is you connect it to two batteries. Next, you fill the top compartment with ink (the ink is not just for color it's for grease also) and last, you use it. I think it's amazing that Thomas Edison could create things without knowing anything about them and make them work.

Thomas Edison is my hero, and now you know why. He is the best inventor/scientist anyone could know. I want to be like him and invent things that could help the world. If I could have one wish, it would be to invent a time machine to go back in time to meet Thomas Edison. That is how much I admire this man!

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