Albert Einstein

by John

Albert Einstein is a hero because he made many important scientific discoveries. Without his discoveries, scientists today would not know much about relativity or potential energy. Also they wouldn’t know that acceleration and gravity are the same thing. Plus if Albert didn’t discover photons scientists would still be wondering, "How does light travel, particles or waves?" So, if Albert hadn't made any of his discoveries scientists would be very confused.

Albert accomplished many things which helped us all. In the end, Albert lived until the age of 79. All his life Albert dreamt of finding one unifying force of nature, instead he found two to the ones already known. Those two forces are, the strong and weak forces. The strong force is the strongest of all four. The weak force is stronger than gravity and weaker than electromagnetism and the strong force. Although Albert didn't accomplish his goal the way he wanted, his discoveries are helping scientists accomplish his goal for him.

Albert was born March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He had one sister named Maja, a dad named Hermann and a mom named Pauline. Albert was born Jewish and did not learn to talk until he was three years old. Albert had many hobbies like building houses of cards, playing violin, borrowing books from his friend Max to read, and just staring. Although Albert had many strange hobbies he still made many great discoveries.

Albert’s life wasn’t always easy, he had a lot of challenges. A challenge that Albert had was when he was five, when his father bought him a compass, he was confused about it until he was seven or eight when he learned about magnetism. The greatest obstacle Albert faced was in 1919 when his wife, Mileva divorced him. Albert had two children then so it really crushed him. He had many challenges but he managed to pull through.

Althoughwas a very interesting person with many interesting emotions and here are some of them. Albert is always curious and he asks questions like" What is knowledge?" and "What does exist mean?" Albert is also very thoughtful towards others, when he saw an army parade (which happened often) he would be very upset because of the lack of freedom. Albert is also proud of his religion, Albert is Jewish and it is a custom to invite a poor person to eat dinner with them once a week. Albert always invited Max Talmey, who every ‘‘dinner day’ brought a new book for Albert to read, and because of this they became friends quickly. Albert had his emotions and they would help him later on in life.

Albert had a tough life he accomplished many things. For example he showed that acceleration and gravity were the same thing. He also discovered that gravity slows time down(Only by a few billionths of a second). He also discovered E=mc2, but you may have not known it was a nuclear bomb formula, it means Energy=mass x the speed of light squared. That formula predicted great power for the Germans until Albert wrote a letter to Franklin Roosevelt telling him to build the bomb before the Germans did.

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