Albert Einstein

by Ashley from Ansonia

“We can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created it.”
Albert Einstein head over heels in Science. (
Albert Einstein head over heels in Science. (

Albert Einstein, a unique, curious mind exploring the vast world of science! Albert was born on March 14, 1879, in Munich, Germany, to Pauline and Hermann Einstein. Albert was born with a passion for knowledge. His interests in science began when he was four or five years old, lying sick in bed. In result, his father bought him a get well compass. Albert always wondered why the compass would point north. This significant event welcomed Albert’s mind to science. In addition, the Einstein family was a musical one so he took violin lessons from his mother. In the process of Albert teaching, he always kept his mind thinking and asking questions. For this, he was very often yelled at by teachers. This now should bring us to our next point.

Some contributions Albert Einstein has made to society are a great influence on our lives today. For example, his special theory of relativity has made an enormous impact on our lives today. Other contributions include relativistic cosmology, capillary action, critical opalescence, and much more. However a minor difficulty that Albert Einstein possessed was the possibility that he grew up with A.D.H.D. I have noticed, however, that he used his weaknesses as a boost.

Albert’s career was tough and he had to work hard for everything he had owned. His special theory of relativity made many scientists around the world realize that Albert’s ideas were important. In 1909, Albert became a science professor. He happened to love his job and he encouraged his students to look for the best in themselves. An accomplishment he made was that in 1919, a solar eclipse occurred which gave scientists the chance to prove his theory. In London, November 6, 1919 it was announced that Albert’s theory was correct. Another overwhelming accomplishment Albert made took place in 1922, where Albert and his wife were on their way to Japan when they received a telegram message saying that Albert had won the 1921 Nobel Prize.

Albert Einstein has made a difference in my life because he encouraged me to be the best person I can be and to always try your best. Also, when the going gets tough I think of his brave acts and push myself further toward my future goal, a research scientist. In addition, he has influenced everyone’s lives today in the majestic world of science, by his theory of relativity. Secondly, he also encouraged me to use my weaknesses as a boost to lift me up to my dreams. Albert also made me think about what I want to do with my life and future career. Albert always believed there was a certain way to solve problems. The quote above is critical evidence.

In conclusion, my views of Albert Einstein have changed because I only used to think of him as a great scientist. However, I have now realize he was much more than that. He was a peacemaker, thinker, inventor, and of course, an amazing scientist. As you may see, if I could say one thing about my hero, I would say “Thanks to his curiosity, our views of the universe will never be the same.” I feel Albert Einstein is a desirable hero to me because all the admirable things he did and he has made a great impact on our lives today.

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