Albert Einstein

by Oliver from Tampico

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Albert Einstein

How has he changed my life?
He doesn't have anything relative to my life because he isn't of my times but I think if he had not written the letter, the world will be different in my times so my life, too, because if he had not written the letter President Roosevelt would not have ordered the building of the atomic bomb and if that occurred the war would have endured for more months or even years and more people would have died and that would have make the world have a different future.

Albert Einstein
He is my hero because he contributed to the scientific world of that time by his studies in the physics and the theory of relativity and his formula E=mc2. I believe that he was a very intelligent man who also became famous. He also lived in U.S. There he wrote the very important letter written for the president where he describes the German's scientific development of a new weapon to dominate Europe.

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He was a born in Germany and he was one of the most famous theorists in the world. He was best known for his theory of relativity. He was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his 1905 explanation of the photoelectric effect. "In popular culture, the name 'Einstein' has become a synonymous with great intelligence and genius."

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