Elizabeth Daley

by Wendy Milette


Dean Elizabeth Daley is an inspiration to us all. Her vision for Cinematic Arts is a prominent voice in the landscape of global education. Following the advances of technological innovation, Elizabeth Daley balances the pursuit of new media creativity while respecting the historical and cultural significance of cinema.

Dean Elizabeth Daley and Director George Lucas (
Dean Elizabeth Daley and Director George Lucas (

I recall Dean Daley speaking to a class of graduate students, reminding us that the motion picture business is ALL about relationships. Her close ties evidence Elizabeth Daley herself being a master of fostering important relationships. Her rapport with George Lucas has led to an entirely "new" Cinema Complex designed with a style and function similar to the Early Hollywood Studios.

Within this new complex, USC students are introduced to cinema icons such as
Douglas Fairbanks, and of Eadweard Muybridge in the form of sculptural renditions; at the same time, they are exposed to the latest in new-media technology while being encouraged to explore storytelling on a personal level.

Always on the forefront, Dean Daley has devoted her career to creating one of the BEST Film Schools in the World and the results of her efforts will impact aspiring cinematic artists for generations to come.

Dean Elizabeth Daley is one of my personal heroes and I look up to her shining example of integrity, perseverance, and sophistication. She has always treated every student with the same dignity and respect that she offers her highly esteemed colleagues. I am grateful to have the good fortune of knowing and admiring Elizabeth Daley, Dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

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